About us

We are xArtFive

Not more than 4 years ago and now we are driving 5 ta , in one sleepless night I created the brand "X-5" namely 

"X" from - extremely something crazy and forbidden , from ART - art and a way to express yourself with a palette and finally FIVE comes from my favorite number and the date I was born! 

The style and street fashion sense has been in me since early childhood. 
It all started when I picked up the brush and started spraying a baseball cap with a visor , put some white spray then some pink and took , it turned out interesting and stylish. I started buying plain clothes and hats , painting on them and then posting them for fun on my page. People's reaction surprised me when they started ordering and asking me for more pieces.
I then moved on to the stage of foiling my items and splashing paint on them accordingly and it made for an interesting combination which people also liked , everything was going well until I came across the interest of investors and people with opportunities , who wanted to "help" me develop my business but it didn't work out and I had to pay back what they invested and without any success for me and my brand but as you know not everything is "flowers and roses" and since then I realized that for me this is not just a brand and a business but a passion and a way of expressing myself in every creation I make.

Кой съм аз?


XARTFIVE by Ivan Angelov

Hello dear readers , today I would like to tell you about a poor boy from the western part of Sofia , where the idea for the brand was born!

Extremely creative studio, realy modern look over the whoe fashion industry. I love to woek with this guys

Denis Hakamiyan - Designer

Its a two years since we work together and im very happy from this fact. So passionate and creative designer. Thank you Vanka <3

Isaac Passy - store owner